How to Import a Scenario into Integromat

In this document, we explain how to import and set up a scenario in Integromat.

In this document, we explain how to import and set up a scenario in Integromat.

You will need to download a blueprint from our blueprint directory. The file will be in the format of a NAME.JSON file.

The first step is to login or create an Integromat account.

Once done, you need to click on Create a new scenario.


On the next screen, you can just click on the Skip button at the top.


On the next screen, you will want to click on the three dots button and select Import Blueprint from the options.


Select your file and click save.

You will now see that the scenario has been imported into your Integromat account.


The scenario still needs to be set up using your own account details.

Click on the first webhook module and click add to create a new webhook.

Now copy and paste that webhook URL into the correct place within your bot, I.E. in the message after you have asked a question.


Now make sure you hook up your remaining steps. You will need to connect it up to any accounts you will need. Integromat will guide you through this process. Any settings required, will be copied through from the import of the scenario so you just have to point it at the right spreadsheet etc.

Once all the steps are set up, click on the clock next to the turn on button.


Set your schedule to run immediately. Then turn your scenario on and if it is set up correctly, when you run through your bot it should run. If you are having any issues, click the Run Once button, test it on your bot and it will show you where there are any issues in your integromat scenario.