Integrations Bootcamp Introduction

In this bootcamp, we explain the basics of integrations and how they can help you extend functionality of your bots. For these tutorials, you will need an account with the Bot Platform and we also suggest a free account with Integromat.

You can extend The Bot Platform using webhooks and our APIs, to connect your bots via any middleware that you would like. When a webhook request is made all the user attributes are sent as data, and the webhook can then respond to send a message back to the user.

This bootcamp series helps you get to grips with The Bot Platform and a middleware tool, in this case, Integromat. You could also use another tool such as Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, or custom code your own middleware. We suggest you work through these bootcamps before moving onto any other tutorials.

Make(formerly Integromat) is a middleware tool that can help you to link your bots built on The Bot Platform to any third party software you can think of.

Bootcamp 1 - How to push data from your bot into a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Bootcamp 2 - How to create a simple phone directory bot using Google Sheets

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