Introduction To The Employee Recognition Bootcamp

In this tutorial series we are going to build an employee recognition bot that provides the following functionality:

  • Allows users to look up the name of the person they wish to nominate
  • Allows the user to leave a message explaining why they have nominated that person
  • Creates an image with the value they have been nominated for, the name of the person and the message the user entered
  • Posts that image and message to a group and tags the person
  • Emails the person nominated to let them know who nominated them and why they have been nominated

The tutorial is broken up into smaller tutorials so you can just add the functionality you require to your bot.

This tutorial builds a Workplace bot and uses Make(formerly Integromat) for the integrations.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need Make(formerly Integromat) experience for this tutorial. We advise trying the beginners bootcamp series before attempting this tutorial series.

The tutorials are as follows:
Step 1 - Looking up employees - Allows users to enter the name of someone they wish to nominate. The bot goes away and looks at a spreadsheet to pull back all the employees that could be the one the user meant. They then select the right person based on their full email address.
Step 2 - Creating a nomination image - Allow users to create a personalised image for their nomination
Step 3 - Posting to a group, tagging and emailing - Posts the image to a group, along with a message and tags the nominee and sends an email to that person.

Building Your Bot

In our example, we use a simple bot that has the following steps:
1 - Asks the user for the name of the person they want to nominate
2 - Checks a spreadsheet for that user and returns a carousel of possible results
3 - The user selects the right person
4 - The user selects the value they are nominating that person against from a carousel of options
5 - The user enters a message explaining why they have nominated that person
6 - The bot creates an image showing the value, the name of the person and the message
7 - The user then confirms the nomination and the bot posts the image to a group, tags the nominee and emails them a copy of the nomination.