Integromat FAQs

How can I return multiple results from a spreadsheet
To do this you would need to use an array aggregator.

How to use a line break in responses
To use a line break, you need to add \n at the end of your text response

What Integromat scenarios do we already have built (for sharing) i.e adding a row to a google sheet?
All our integromat tutorials can be found at

Is it possible to query a cell in google sheets using the email address, return the selected value and update a particular cell in the row?
Yes, for an example of this, please see the following tutorial

Using Integromat for calendar bookings
This is possible. We have a tutorial on creating a resource booking bot here

Using Integromat to increment a record number (using the variable function)
You can do this using Integromat’s inbuilt increment function. You can create a variable within integromat and set it to increment after every run. For more information see here

Can I post a webhook response to a group
No you cannot do this unfortunately.

Can Integromat return the current date and time?
Yes it can. You can use the now function within integromat to set the current date and time.

How can we allow users of the bot to upload a video which will be saved (in a location).
This is possible. The following tutorial shows you how to do that with an image, but it is exactly the same for a video.

Is Bot to Google chat possible?
No this is not currently possible

How to link shopify with Integromat?
Integromat has built in modules to link up to Shopify.

Is it possible to have two separate Integromat scenarios using the same webhook to supply results?
No this is not possible. Integromat needs a separate webhook to return multiple results.