Updating a ticket

Knowledge Level: Advanced

In this tutorial, we will setup a flow to update the status of our ticket through the bot and push the update to our Google Spreadsheet.

To achieve this, we need the following:

  • A new scenario in Make(formerly Integromat) with a webhook
  • In the bot platform, a message to receive the ticket status update, and take feedback about the ticket from the bot user.

Setting up the scenario

Our final Make(formerly Integromat) scenario will look as follows:


In the webhook, we are receiving the following attributes related to updating the ticket:

  • Ticket ID - to find the ticket in our Google Sheet
  • Ticket status - To update status of the ticket
  • Ticket feedback - To insert comments about the ticket update in our Google Sheet

After the webhook module, we need to add a Google Sheet module for 'Search Rows'. Here, we will use the $ticketupdatenumber variable to search for our ticket within our Google Sheet.

Note: In this module, we will limit the 'Maximum number of returned rows' to 1.


The above module will pull the 'row number' which contains our ticket information.

To update the ticket, we will add another module from Google Sheet labeled 'Update rows'. Here we will configure the information we need to pass into our spreadsheet from the webhook as well as the relevant 'row number' that contains our ticket information.


This was the last module we needed to configure. Make sure you save the scenario and turn it on.

After this, go back to your bot to initiate the ticket update message flow. If your configuration is correct, you should see an update on your ticket in the Google Sheet after submitting the update through the bot.